2 bosses, 2 gurus [ 1996 – 2004]

One way I find myself to be extremely fortunate.  I had eight years of employee-career and in this period, I got two bosses and both were extra-ordinary.  I would have continued as an employee but Providence had other plans and I retired as an employee at a ripe old age of 29 years. This is detailed in my book Wordsmith Book of Business.

Both of them were not mere bosses but were “guru” for me. I use the word “guru” in the Eastern sense but with an etymological clarification. The Sanskrit word “guru” means “heavy” and both of my bosses were very heavy with professional, life and human experience. I also learnt few things from them that decisively helped me run my life as a freelancer’s freelancer for last 11 years.

Mr. A.S Menon, [ year of contact – 1996 – 2002, Cochin International Telecom/Internet Gateway and Submarine Cable Station, VSNL /Tata Communications ]

Mr. Menon was my first boss. He was already a veteran and founding members of India’s foray in satellite communication infrastructure in 1970s. I was a “johhine engineer” when I became his sub-ordinate in Cochin International Telecom Gateway Project. When I joined, VSNL was India’s international and internet service monopoly and Internet as a commercial service was more than a year old in India (launched on 15th August 1995 by VSNL)

It will need a mini professional autobiography to mention all the lessons I learnt.  I shall mention only one lesson. He told me that all communication must be answered and there should not be any file left on the table before you leave office. I asked, “Sir, I do not know what to write as  reply in many cases, what shall I do ?”

He replied and I now realize that the instruction should be bound in gold : ” In that case, you reply that you currently do not know but you shall get information and will reply once you have all the necessary information. But you must keep your promise” 

When I was working to build Wordsmith Communication , this lesson proved to be the greatest blessing. My most-important clients (the first ten) appreciated my honesty and many remained with us for last eleven years because we have made it a point to remain honest and quick in telling them what we know and what we are doing.

Mr. Menon is a true guru because he practiced what he preached and with a conviction which is rare and hence so immensely valuable.

Mr. A.K Sikdar  [ Year of Contact 2003 –  end 2004, VSNL / Tata Communications Calcutta Centre )

I worked under Mr. Sikdar for little more than a year. He was a already a towering figure in Telecom Affairs in Calcutta and East of India. Soft-spoken, mild and humble, he was a master of persuasion. At that time, I was not acutely aware of the importance in building human relationship with clients. One of the reasons was being predominantly working in monopoly. But Mr. Sikdar taught me, again,not by power-point or by accented English or by some second hand MBA-speak, but through practice. I used to see how calmly and in a masterly manner he used to deal with irate customers and very delicate situations. He knew most of the customers in-person and was genuinely interested in the growth of their business. You cannot fake truth. Truth is truth and people feel whether one is simply posing or there is genuine emotion behind the action or speech.

Another remarkable and very rare ability was his “concentrated listening.”. He could disarm you simply by listening. You cannot have this listening ability simply by practice. You must be genuinely interested in people. Your soul must be the listener. People – all people – customers, employees, vendors, vendor’s people – all constitute the whole called Business. Business is simply not some monies and services changing hands.

Again, while I started building Wordsmith, I tried to listen with my soul. I used to tell my clients – “I am the Call Centre and the CEO.. You need not restrain yourself. It is my duty to listen to you and since I believe this to be my foremost duty, I am your Call Centre.”

Our clients liked the humour and the truism in the assertion.

Mr. Sikdar is a true guru because he practiced what he radiated and many of the fortunate souls caught the invaluable radiation that immunizes one from the lethal ego trip of not listening to one’s customer under the pretext of other “priority” and “important” works.

What work can be more urgent and priority in business than listening to one’s customer ?


Communication – complicated nonsense

Business Communication without a purpose and practice is complicated nonsense, nothing else. It is sad but it is true. I have met at least 2000+  businesses in various meet, conferences, conclaves, exhibitions, trade shows and all the visiting cards combined will make a make-shift pillow. I am not mentioning the multi-paged and multi-folding brochures which will make a thick mattress.

I am not against pillow or mattresses but I feel sad for businesses, entrepreneurs, start-ups who have lost common sense. I am harsh but please consider the lines below and if they do not resonate at all with you, do not read further :

  • I find that my business is not growing. Although I am telling many great and glorious things to prospect to impress them, my life is not becoming impressive.
  • I am not making the amount of money I think I should make, considering my efforts. 
  • I am doing the same thing over and over again. 
  • I always find that I cannot afford to recruit the talent I wish.
  • My business is not delivering the lifestyle I want. I see that my friends who are employees are having a better life 
  • I tell myself that in business one must be patient but I do not think only patience is enough
  • I feel bored and at times want to leave the business

The root cause of all this can be finally detected to be one and one thing only : communication. 

Communication has  4 fundamental components  – Whom, Who, How, Why

Whom : Is this person / organization qualified for my communication ?

( Selling Combs to a completely bald man) 

Who : Who is communicating from my business

( The least experienced man sends mail-merge / Bcc mails to decision makers. Mecahnical  and Robotic call to prospects at 10 am in Monday ) 

How: Language, Time, Time of Delivery, Mode of Delivery, Duration, status / position / mood / situation of the recipient at the time of communication

( The person becomes sad and angry while looking at the  violation and abuse of the grammar and spelling of his mother-tongue and feels like strangling the writer. Sometimes, he finds the communication in a foreign language and Google Translate confuses more)

Why : What is your purpose to communicate and his / her purpose to attend to your communication ?

(A mini novel is written, with enclosure of 3 multi-coloured brochures with 15 graphs and charts in total with 12 links sprinkled in. It will take at least 3 readings and 30 mins to find out exactly what is relevant and interesting for the recipient. How many decision makers have so much time to find out what a gem you are )

Your message is not failing you. You have done almost everything possible to have your message failing to deliver.

You are completely convinced that silence has no power to communicate. The great silence you hear from your prospects is the greatest communication : We are not interested. Have us interested and then come back. We have listened to someone who delivered an interesting message. 

Then you start thinking. If I have not delivered an interesting message, let me give them a bribe – let me lower my price. So, you now present your bribe of a lower price. They have not asked for a bribe but you have advanced. Now, more people will advance the bribe to make themselves interesting. We all know that corruption is infectious. 

Your business is now trapped in a low-profit, low-quality, vulnerable and stagnant one.

You have self-certified yourself to be a low-cost, easily intimidated, nervous business.

Where did it all start ? Think again.

It all started because you could not make interesting communication. Since your communication was not interesting, you started getting noticed by those who are not interesting themselves. The question is not of size of your prospect but whether they are interesting. Finally, you are stuck with low end customers.

These customers told their friends (“birds of same feather flock together”) and your referral circle remains stuck in a circle.

You know, you do not go anywhere else how much or how fast you run in a circle.




[Book Review] Of Hawks and Sparrows – a collection by Satabdi Saha

Wordsmith’s Statutory Disclaimer on Review : Wordsmith Review process is open, simple and  unconventional. Chief Editor reads the book and expresses his  first hand reaction and background thoughts as clearly as possible. This is in stark contrast to the mainstream review which starts with a ponderous solemnity, then a complicated attempt to express the reviewer’s inner microphone and other mechanics and then a English public school headmaster’s ruling.

I have read only the stories. I did not read the poetry section because of a reason. Hence the review remains applicable for the story section only. I hold the fanatic opinion that poetry ( “a state of the soul”) cannot be written in any language other than one’s own native language. The writing can be very high quality, very powerful but it is not poetry in a sense I understand poetry. I refuse to enter into any debate on this with the “argumentative Indian.”

The first thing that came to my mind while I read the first story is to imagine how these stories will read in translation in another language. Since locales are in Bengal, Bengali translation would have made them very intimate and would have  added a layer of delicious complexity, especially for a Bengali reader. This can be considered a project itself by Wordsmith Communication – our bread and butter machine that translates in 250 languages of the world with a team of 3000+ freelancers.



The author, Ms. Saha is an artist – both with words and also with colour as clear from the cover art of the book.  Her language is also very lucid and shows  very clearly of her long years of engagement with the English language and that of some of her characters. Her treatment on some of the essential themes of existence is very delicate yet clear and powerfully expressive. She is a master of the art of narration.

Her stories explore, structurally something very interesting, at least what seemed to me. It is like this : a quintessential Bengali story, theme, character being narrated to a dear friend who does not understand Bengali. Many of us might have that experience while talking about a Bengali classic story to a friend whose first language may be German. This is very interesting for me.

Of all the stories, the story that left strongest mark on me is The Mansion. (p.27) This is a story of Nilima meeting her old friend and husband after a long time in her old bungalow in semi-rural Bengal. The setting was taking a turn to a ghost story but then the pitch changes. The whole theme now becomes very strange, sinister and the epilogue is very very unusual. The story must be read to have a feel of it. Even in English, the story’s essential Bengali smell and light – of the কালবৈশাথী shines through.

As a reader, I have also found that the author has no rigid stance on feminism. She considers both man and woman as essentially human and with follies and innate goodness.  Because of this quality, the stories will radiate the literary joy when the ideological debates will be over or will be considered inconsequential by the later ages. This is not some imagination. Shelley gave a shrewd advice to all authors in a simple way : most of the social evils and rascal-dom will cease sooner or later – may be after few decades more or less but artistic beauty will not arise automatically. The highest works of Art does not follow the “automatic generation” theory.


Her stories also mask her scholarship and craft with the language. Simplicity is not being a simpleton.  The greatest master a craft  knows how to hide the hard work that has gone behind to have the effortlessness. Her prose is very intimate within the bounds of English but as soon as it became very very intimate, I regretted again as why am I not reading this in Bengali.

I hope either the author or some translator will translate some of the stories in Bengali, the native language of most of her characters.

Of Hawks and Sparrows by Satabdi Saha

Patridge Publications, 2014,

Notes from a Conference Campaigner

On 9th February, we are organizing Wordcon 2017 –  2nd International Freelancer’s Summit in Calcutta, India.

As a Chairman of the initiative, I was working with my team in terms of connecting with potential associates locally, in India and abroad. The core objective of Wordcon is to connect Indian freelancers to the global community and share best practices. Here are some of the learning in this Campaign :




  •  Communication is the Key but depends on the lock too. A rusted lock will not open with any key, however well designed.
  •  Power and interest to listen to a stranger’s proposal without prejudice is directly proportional to fulfillment of one’s own interest.
  • Reference from a credible quarter is important but not sufficient.
  • Small Business Owners ( < 100 employees) are agile and supple but they believe in a philosophy called “grow or get squeezed” and this philosophy with an urgency attached prevents them in “concentrating” on distant and profound themes of business.
  • Communication on the theme – “Will you be this Conference’s friend with association, money, outreaching and all of them combined ?” must be without any agenda. It must be clear, unambiguous and fixed.
  • There must be a philosophy – simple business logic may get a hand to write a cheque but not a heart that shares your beats.
  • Social Media has high noise and is ruled actually by probability in predicting being sold to delegates although most of the campaigners – successful (in getting paid delegates of critical volume) and failed ones (not reaching the said critical volume) do not acknowledge it. The former believes that it was their hard and innovative work and the latter does not because failure is an orphan.
  • There must be one person in the Team who must be simulating the unpleasant but the necessary role of the proverbial “nagging wife” – continuously reminding to tie this loose end or that. Fortunately, we have one in our team.
  • There are four kinds of “influencers” or “speakers” a Conference will encounter while selecting its speakers / panelists.

Universal Teachers : They are natural teachers and are always interested to share their experience. Honest and competent, they also have highly effective communicative power. They also do not have “airs”. They consider it their duty to share their learning not for any purpose other than for the joy and duty of sharing.

Top of the Circuit : They  have made a niche in the speaking / talking / mentoring circuit. Soon, they find themselves busy in these activities and this becomes a regular job. Too much frequency necessarily brings a) re-hash communication b) spreading out in apparently diverse areas

Auto-Promotion : They are generally poor in terms of buying marketing time, prime time or social media horns and trumpets. They do it themselves and in an auto-mode. Writing about self in an interesting manner even in a surface level needs quite a high level of literary skill, repetitions and urgency make the task onerous and it becomes visible that the “self” is getting tired in “self-projection.”

The Entitled : This type must be avoided at all costs. These people consider being a speaker /panelists a kind of entitlement, a divine right, an universal imperative. They are called “কেষ্ট-বিষ্টু” in Bengali with a pejorative tome which translates roughly as “High Level Deities” and since they consider your invite as an entitlement or a divine right, they are least interested to consider what value they bring to your customers, i.e. your paid delegates or their areas of interest.

I shall close this post with a method by which I had this classification made and it was during the Wordcon 2015 –  1st Freelancer’s Summit in November 2015

We described our conference concept and target audience and sought speakers in certain predefined areas and in a pre-defined format and within a deadline. An “interested” speaker responded after deadline and proposed to speak on an unrelated theme. Proposed is a wrong word – he demanded to speak on a theme. We communicated that his proposition did not match our target audience’s area of interest and more important, being past deadline, we had our speakers already finalized.

The first three would have considered this as a routine thing. Not the Entitled one and our sample was of that variety. He was livid. He considered this as a “rejection” – a heretical posture. The more we explain our reaction as “not-fit”, he was educating us his importance as a speaker / panelist and recited a list of his “gracious presence.”. We humbly explained that we do not contest that at all but this was a fitment issue and we did have such instances and no other person reacted that way. He would not budge and pressed on. It became very unpleasant as we found ourselves interrogated about not appreciating his greatness.

Then, a lady of our team asked him with sweetest of voice – “My noble Sire, why do you bother so much ? By your own admission, you are of a higher category and we are convinced, yes, we are – we promise by keeping our hand on our grandmother’s head, we do understand. Ours was an inconsequential one considering the ones you have been invited and anointed perhaps as per your own admission. Then, may I ask, why are you so livid ? Why do you bother so much ? Why are you so angry ?”

I watched the Entitled one some five feet away in an oblique angle and a strange silence hung like drops of mist for few seconds and that silence was deafening.

[1987 – 2017] – Physics Remembered

It is the easiest of times for Physics. You have the largest collider, you have huge army of physicists, mathematicians, engineers, computer people, data scientists, PR machine, model like writers and media reporters, fantastic wordsmiths (God’s Particle) and 2500 years of work behind of some of the greatest minds and brains our genes are capable of producing.  You also have a very awed and believing public  when someone finds that one sees in front (in person or in screen) someone who has produced equations of such beauty and concise elegance that this can be written in a T-shirt and what are these ? These are the mind of God, written in mathematical symbols.

It is the hardest of times for Physics. So hard that barrier of entry of a theory will be zero as the most-advanced theories now declare that there can be any number of laws, theories and universes (multiverse). Cutting edge physics reads and looks like hieroglyphic scrolls with a benign, dreamy man speaking something which is closer to “faith based initiatives.”. There is no answer or admission of not having an answer or a tragic grandeur of utter failure against Olympian odds but speculation and defense of not calling a speculator a speculator. This while coming from scientists of European origin would have brought a blush of shame in the cheek of Hellas of antiquity.  Physics may survive everything, including Quantum Theory but it will not survive the current trend of “celebrity scientists” or whose only claim and contribution may be becoming a celebrity.

Some 30 years back, I was a 17 year old boy and was mesmerized by the charm of Physics. I wanted to devote my Life to the subject and become a humble servant in the search of the truth in the inner sanctum of Nature. It was a very high ambition but it was physics and works of physicists like Feynman, Planck, Schrodinger, Dirac that was radioactive enough to instill such a fire inside a 17 year old boy in a muffsil town in North East India.

I did take an elaborate preparation and devoted myself totally and even getting myself admitted to a prestigious college as a regular student. On my own and guided by these giant mentors, I did progress to String Theory, starting from classical physics. It was a great, enjoyable, hard adventure as we must remember that unlike Europe where Classical Physics was taught in colleges since 1700s, whereas in India it started in 1860 with the establishment of Calcutta University in 1857.

I felt some instinctive disgust (at that time I was not sure why my soul was rebelling and matured people thought of this as some adolescent instability or imbecility) and left Physics for good. Being steeped in Indian mysticism, metaphysics, spirituality and cosmology, my “soul” perhaps felt that the progress through String theory, Tao of Physics, Dancing Wu Li Masters is surely towards the same half-lit, half-shaded, unabashed and carefree world of “holy speculation” and creating priests and attendant believers.

Classical Physics was developed by a wholly aristocratic age. We may justly regret the brutal critic who could not estimate the hidden greatness in the poetry of Keats but one good thing they did was to filter out the statistical averages and mere adventurers. It was a brutal method but it achieved one thing for sure : except the highest talent, nobody was ready to pay the price. Physicists of those age did not make money. There was relatively little funding for their work and many did earn their livelihood by humbler professions – tutoring, text-book writer, teacher (not tenured professors writing grant applications for projects that appears more and more like faith based initiatives written in mathematical language which handfuls understand but belief must be ensured to attract the money from the un-initiated)

String Theory was developed in liberal democracies. In a democracy, one of the greatest dangers is that a man’s only identifier in the cosmic drama is the job he does. Hence, in a democracy, the responsibility becomes diffused. This is clear from the public building projects in an aristocratic age and democratic age. The general quality difference is clear to naked eyes.  This is because, in an aristocratic age, the leaders who commissioned this project were not dependent neither for their income nor for their social reputation on the financial outcomes of these projects. In a democracy, since the man’s only social relationship is money and fame vis-a-vis equal and equally felt fellow-citizens, the primal objective is to ensure continuation of the status quo.

One of the greatest attraction for young Indians for Physics for the first generations was the direct antithesis of world-view it presented against the prevalent one. It was noted by an Englishman while addressing a Convocation of the Calcutta University in the 1880s. India produced some luminaries and real greats in the domain in addition to a constellation of talented scientists. The confluence of mathematics and physics charmed the synthesis minded Indian, especially the initial irradiated ones.

The decline followed thereof. A race or nation responds to a new stimuli with an intensity much higher than the successive ones unless and until the stimuli is not proportionately either of higher intensity or of higher frequency or both. Since 1950s, the “peacocks and leopards”of the European and American Physics bade adieu save an endangered species like Feynman remained and then started the “Dance of Hindu, Chinese, Mayan, Egyptian gods”. 1970s witnessed some kind of democratization of cannabis Indica and Physics – a synthesis, founding fathers would have found arrant degradation of the highest level.

Nothing really happened in this period. Nothing significant.It was a halting – there were talents who “managed” but there was no genius and all the avenues were carefully blocked. As the best were few and were lacking conviction, the worst rose with passionate intensity and the age of celebrity physicist arrived. We, the old lovers watched with horror how no such celebrities talk of the hard path, the fight to death between idea and representation, the elation and heart-break. The great joy and the great fear and forewarning in print and lifestyle to all the young ones. It is very soon we shall be gifted with “User Friendly Calculus” or “Social Media Rated accurate Maxwell Equations.“.

I remember Nietzsche’s bitter cry on democracy : “who will save Democracy from England and England from Democracy….?”

“Who will save Physics ?” Rather the question should be “What will save Physics ?”


When one grows old, one forgets the humiliation and the pain of the unrequited love and the past becomes mellow and instead of a pixel image, it becomes what impressionist paints – with more spaces and silences. The old man fills those silences and a new time-variant portrait emerges.

On a personal note, I left the orbit of Physics as it was then but occasionally checked the goings-on. Nothing changed, I mean what made me leave. Worse, I observe some of my countryman have discovered a kind of fused snake oil, made out of oversimplified physics and re-used Eastern mysticism. In a democracy like America as foretold by Alex de Tocqueville in a highly aristocratic prose the trends thereof, my countryman are doing good business. This is fine and one can take a hearty joy in success of such a venture. But this does little honour to the seminal fathers of Physics who did rage a life and death war against such intellectual short-circuiting.

I leave with a hope. May be in some eon, a genius will arrive in God’s own Time (not the invariant Time) and he will laugh at most of the wooly mish-mash and the genius will wash away the Agean filth accumulated over last 60-70 years and the Vita Nuova will be there again.

I cannot die even without this faith.

Book Review – Teen Paharer Katha [ 3 stories in Bengali – “Stories of three mountains” by Chitran Choudhury


Review Context

In 1991 (Collapse of the Soviet Union), I was a hormone driven  17 year old heterogeneous male. In 2008 (Credit Crisis), I was thinking of putting my leisure into some channel. In the seventeen years from the collapse of the Soviet Union to the near collapse of World financial system, one thing in India became scarce – leisure. Middle aged corporate men talked more of the conflict between life and livelihood instead of “adda, amateur drama, novels, films and such frills of life.”

The author informs us of his profession and we first wonder how he could manage to get time to complete the project. Many prisoners of the cubicle nation might get inspiration from this. This is a virtue of the book immediately discerned from the flyleaf itself.

Reviewing a work of fiction can only be termed as “recording of reader’s reaction”.  In that reaction also, the most-important aspect is how the work has “re-created” things inside and things of outside. The review below follows this philosophy.

The language is excellent – simple, clear and highly readable. The last story – নীলান্তিকা, I liked most. The story has been told with a great restraint from the author’s side and the natural landscape s no longer a part of the narration but a character itself, i.e. having autonomy in the narration.

teen-paharer-kotha_complete_cover-page1. The 2nd story appears, from the middle segment to the end of lengthening the “thinking of a story part” ; more dialogues between characters instead of narration by the author would have brought more three-dimensional aspect to the characters.

2. The first story  followed the framework of many stories with “urban, tallish complex and longish car, weekend scotch, aspiring but a bit bored” class of contemporary Calcutta but when the reader expected something obvious, the story takes a very dark and sinister turn of events – completely unexpected. The epilogue is darker still when the female protagonist is forced to take a turn which is pure evolutionary instinct as evolutionary biology tells us.

3. The female character of the first story  – a kind of heartlessly rational and survival-focused organism is in direct contrast to the pivotal character নীলান্তিকা who  chooses, not by rationality but by pure instinct something completely against better survival. She validates and redeems the wisdom of Pascal – “Heart has a reason which reason will never comprehend.”

4. The stories tell me something between the lines – an oblique hint on the excess of 70s in Bengal – the landscape is also part of the Mother Nature – something which not only soothes but appears in double role in the cosmic drama – as a female form, it charms and soothes us but at the same time, it is also focused on betraying us. All the characters in the novel get solace and peace as well as endanger themselves in those landscapes – literally and psychologically.


[Film Review] Dangal

Position  Statement con Self declaration 

[I am restless in a sense that I find it very difficult to sit in front of a lit-up screen in a semi-dark hall with strangers or acquaintances for 160 mins or sometimes for 180 mins. This makes me disqualified for being a gentle movie watcher. This does not mean that I do not like movies. I like some movies so much that I have become unpaid researcher for them. The more I read about them, the more I find something to appreciate in the next viewing (private with air, light, coffee, cigarette, a bed / recliner and freedom to move and walk around). Or in other words, I re-discover new things in the movie and since the movie did not change in between my viewing, the “new” must have been within me. It becomes a self re-discovery. This potency alone qualifies cinema to be an Art form]

My tryst with “Dangal”

I watched the movie in a family configuration like  3 (middle aged men and women)  + 1 (senior citizen) + 3 (teen age boys and girls) + 1 (young boy) in INOX theatre and the business model of this seems to be exceedingly simple : of selling pop-corn at an eye popping price and margin. The movie expedition was funded by an US based aunt of the children, pop-corn by local currency and my going was a political move – not to offend the group and also to retain home peace.


I make my living partly by reviewing written text. Reviewing a film is not my line of work. I would rather list what came to my mind while I was there for 161 mins from 5:15 pm.

  • I was curious to find sudden interest of our country’s movie industry in wrestling. I learnt one thing as a private citizen of Calcutta that if you are not sure of of your indisposition, it must be “gas”. Similarly, if anything is difficult to grasp in India, we can pin it by a term called “politics”. I smell some politics in the sudden interest in wrestling by our movie industry’s top players and actors.
  • I failed to understand that why was the director so deeply biased to close-up shots, especially for the lead actors. One of the pivotal powers of the language of camera is to create space – this was not used at all. I am also not convinced that such close-ups allowed us to learn wrestling better because it can be argued with reason that people did not buy tickets for watching a wrestling tutorial video.
  • But this appears so because of a very dangerous disease entering our movie industry – of being cerebral, of being with a cause, of being serious, of being taken seriously. I think this as a disease not because I am against them per se but this will make the movies sterile and although the “newness” will be rewarding for sometime but the “Eastern excess” will manifest and the genes of the new customers will reject this “serious-cause-cerebral-take me seriously”  stance very shortly. This is not good for the industry in the long term.
  • The “eastern excess” I mention is about the length of our movies. Every stakeholder believes that unless something of everything is someway not cooked in a crucible called movie, the thing has not become worthy to be served. This is our culture’s greatest power as well as the greatest weakness – the art of synthesis.
  • There was the last sequence when the old wrestler was cunningly locked-in and his daughter as well as chela was fighting the decisive round in the ring, he was completely disconnected  from the outside world but the national anthem became the sentinel and the climactic moment. This reportage was not possible to be done in any Art form except performing art.
  • It is just a visual match and may be purely co-incidence – the senior wrestler’s demeanor and post-hair cut looks have a striking similarity with someone in our erstwhile ruling elite.
  • I had asked our non-adults as how they thought the movie was. This is serious question because you cannot fool children as you can fool adults by some performing art. Three children rated the movie as mediocre. Child is the father of man and I am in agreement with their verdict.

Nostalgic Thoughts

By the time the movie was nearing intermission (in our college days, this was the time to smoke the cigarette in the toilet. INOX-es are like high-security jails for everything including your person except your money for pop-corn), I was feeling nostalgic.

The nostalgia was for the sincerity of the most of the old movies of my college days – paisa usool  rated ones. They catered profound pillars of Existence in their own crude, crass, loud, unbelievably unsophisticated ways : Sex, Fight, Love, Betrayal, Hate, Music, Dance, Death, Injustice.  It was brutal, long, loud and repetitive but it was a khichdi – may not be tasteful for every tongue but  authentic.  

Movies like Dangal indicate for me an a-synthesis. The industry is trying to ape another tradition viewed through its own cultural lens and in this process distorting both and thus remaining unfaithful to  both and hence eventually becoming sterile, counterfeit and counter-productive and a-productive.