The Age of Super Measurement

Every online business is encountering a monster called super-measurement. Things are working in tandem and little scope is left for giving and getting ‘benefit of doubt’.

The moment your business goes online, it also loses some of the advantages of being off-line : benefit of doubt.

If a print magazine claims it has 10,000 readership, there is no way to check for me.

If an online magazine claims so, I can check immediately whether the claim is based on fact or a simple sentence by alexa and other such sites.

Only way to survive is to base your business assets on something which are beyond measurement : delight and Joy.

If you think that it is better to be offline to delight people, close down your site.

Because, if you are not providing joy and delight to your customers, the monster would soon find you and eat you.

Hence, be aware.


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