Outsourcing – the Colateral Damage in India

As US economy recovers (or does not) without job creation, the debate on Outsourcing would gain further heat and incendiary sparks.  Argument of one group dismisses outsourcing as a ploy to increase profit of Large Corporations with lasting damage to US economy. This view is not untrue or false but partial.

The growth of hi-speed Internet made this possible. And Internet was American Civilization’s (not American state) greatest hall mark in World Civilization. This will remain long after all the current events will become interest to historians only.

There is one oft-spoken aspect which I would call as Colateral Damage of Outsourcing of certain types in India :

  • Temporary / Permanent cessation of education and training of a large number of young men and women except in the very narrow domain of speaking masquerading
  • Meta-Physio-Fertility Damage of sexually active men and women
  • A skill set which may become obsolete / unused in few scenarios which were too distant five years back but may not be so today
  • Highly materialistic and consumerist culture among those who try to fill in the vaccum of life and livelihood by indulging into soul-less ‘Earn-Consume-Die’ Culture

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