Ten Commandments for a Freelancer

1. All the seminal and enduring works of Civilization are done either by formal freelancers or those who think like Freelancers.

2. You have not become a Freelancer only for earning the daily bread.

3. You have announced an open and honest war to achieve greatness by not being under an umbrella going under the names of corporate job, government bureaucracy, pen-pushing and escapism.

4. You are the Judge, Jury and Executioner of the Job.

5. Being a freeman (or woman), you need to be very serious in choosing your spouse and association

6. Dont be under debt. Ancient Rome, British Empire, Contemporary America all have been witness to the ruinous effect of Debt. In case of debt, only take debt for house, business and education (not the parchment but which enriches)

7.  Read, Discuss and Share. You are not bound by any law other than the natural law of the land, common decency and the Lord’s Call.

8. Dont work for so called success. That is for third class worker. Work for the success of your clients.

9.  Respect Freedom of others.

10. Use the sublime autonomy you have to leave some works done solely for others or without any self-gain


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