SEO and Astrology -I

I heard few SEO experts educating some MBA-students about the power of search and optimization.

To me SEO appears to be a kind of black art. Firstly, SEOs anticipate how search engines function and dont control it. SEOs neither know in full nor control what people are going to type in the google’s rectangular universe – the search box. SEOs have always the huge statistical complexity working for them to convince the clients as why the desired results did not come.

Astrology also works like SEO but its scope and breadth is infinitely larger. The horoscope is a compressed code of past, present and future of a person. A horoscope has 12 parameters and 12 houses and within these combinations, it grapples whith what was, what is and predicts what would be.

According to genuine scholars of Vedic Literature, our horoscope is a ‘plan’ of how different superior forces are positioned to provide us results (rewards / punishments) as well as our propensities.

When an astrologer reccomends some gems to counteract some ‘superrior forces’ – maelific or weak planets – it is SEO work at a very very higher level. Why ?

Searching is to intriguing not because there are too much computers, too much data or too much of information etc, it’s supreme complexity lies in this being continuously worked upon and used by Consciousness.

This Consciousness is beyond Search.

The proof is the simple existence of SEOs and this handicap of most advanced material organization (Internet) is eternal and can never be rectified.

Summary : SEOs need to learn the art and science of astrologers to become better SEOs !

In the next post, I would try to discuss this more technically – both from SEO and astrology standpoint


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