The Art of Seduction and Freelancer’s Business

Reader’s Discretion : The post has text and imageries that can offend people with above normal gender sensitivity. A post in itself is gender-less and hence it apologises for this lack of sensitivity for gendered reader.

Five hundred years ago, a man (or woman) could make a fortune and be a honoured person socially if he or she could have written a good, readable and practical book of seduction. In China, many such authors were women. In India – classical Sanskrit texts bear evidence of high finesse achieved in such literature. The tradition continues but in a more direct and brutal sense and the word ‘seduction’ is replaced by word like ‘Game’, ‘Player’ and so on. One of the leading such sites (from the man’s perspective) is ROK

Now, one can ask as what is the relation between the Art of Seduction (or Gaming) and Freelance’s Business ? I shall not answer directly but will provide a series of observations below like Euclide’s theorem 

1. The Art of Gaming IS THE business of a freelancer.

2. A game practitioner (case: man) stands in front of a total stranger (a woman) and he believes (with hopeful expectation and with some degree of confidence) that he will penetrate her. See the audacity and also the confidence. He has nothing but the presence. Nothing works here except the audacity.  

A woman who knows the Art of seduction will also defeat randomness of the Universe and will charm the best man she thinks. This art is not needed at all when man and woman are equal and are genderless. Art like species dies or at least becomes dormant. Art of Gaming is such an art. 

3. The reason why such an Art needs to be revived cannot be over-emphasized. A freelancer approaches  a prospect and tries to penetrate (or grip) a part of the most distilled essence of a business : revenue. A freelancer shoots an email to a total stranger and lo, the arrow penetrates many layers of strangeness and hits the sanctum sanctorum. Where one should learn such art ?  From gaming or where else ? 

4. In more civilized times (when we did not have I-pad brandishing peasantry ), men and women used to write letters – love letters or belle lettres or epistles they used to call. This Art is also lost. What is the gain ? Telegraphic dispatches over twitter like chimp chattering and end result is also chimp-like. Loss of the Art of writing Love letter is the proportionate loss in the art of writing highly effective marketing letters. If you read Bengali literature of barely 30 years back, each story will waft fragrance of highly gifted writers of letters. Now ? I don’t know – I am fortyish and married and except in my novellas and blogs I risk catastrophe if I write for any sentiment being.

5. Seduction and Rejection rhymes well. Greatest of Players of the world were rejected by dim-witted and arrogant persons. Imagine those great men who were considered lesser compared to that ‘hot’ one and so for women. The practitioners of the Art of Seduction become immune, gradually from a disease which crushes lesser persons – being rejected or not valued. How many times I have been ignored by self-delusional project managers while I knew that I am giving him/her better business-value than he/she will ever know ? How many times an innovator of first magnitude is harassed by quadruped bureaucrats ? In course of time, a Game specialist does not master the game, he/she masters himself/herself – the the first and last step of self-realization.

6. A freelancer should also take rejection in a deep ‘spiritual’ manner. Rejection comes in two ways. One comes from top where you are rejected for something wanting in you. Another comes because the other party lacks something to understand you. For the former, the strategy is continuous self-development and for the former – to ignore. This judgement comes through practice.

7. Many a times, a freelancer courts a prospect only to find that the prospect settles for a lowly one. It happens in Art of seduction all the time. Look around and you will find angelic women selling herself short. You will also find the reverse. This is to be accepted. How many freelancers cry their heart out when they find that their target settles for someone some ten steps below in terms of competence. What to do ? Nothing.

8. A true freelancer values his time and attention-span. Once it is decided that the prospect is lowly and nothing can change it, a freelancer should see the next.

9. As in everything in life, the first job or the first seduction is the most important seduction. You shall have many women, men, jobs, projects, but the first one is the most-important. Have you observed something ? Once you have a job and go for an interview, they give you 10% raise and recruit. Once you have a top-notch girlfriend (or boyfriend), you find it easier to get another. If you have 100 clients, it is easy to get another  50. Why ?

10. 99.99% people of the world  are shaped by appearances and easily verifiable facts. The whole scam industry of all types is based on this aspect of human nature where people believe the judgement of 100 people more than their judgement (positive or negative). A freelancer (and a seducer) moves with this knowledge in the world and displays.

11. Display and Up-mark. A true freelancer (and a seducer) continuously  reasons like this : I have paid my due, now I deserve to get this. I deserve these clients and if I am not getting them, I have to self-improve. He does not try to impress, negotiate with his existing ones who has less chance of recognizing his true nature. Why ? See point 10

12. Consider an arranged marriage and a corporate worker. In an arranged marriage, the parties meet just like a Corporate Salesman meets a prospect. In arranged marriage the approach is the family, in the latter case, it is the right side of @ 

For a freelancer, there is no support in approach – no left and right but YOU – the person with tact, skill, charm and delivered over real time, er – client standard time. 

A Corporate salesman or worker thinks : I need to do this because then this client will be retained and then some bunch of overlords (who dont know me – will never know me or care for me) will throw some morsels and I shall be secured. 

A seducer (or a freelancer ) thinks that if this prospect / client is not of my mark, sacrifice ! Let us move next. In his/her incessant search for self-improvement, he /she self-realizes. 

The greatest benefit of practising the Art of Seduction (or being seduced by the best) is none of the below which are pinnacle for ordinary men :  penetration (heart or other), engagement ( projects, job), fame ( impressive list of clients),. money, high-life (risk taking), time for oneself ( ‘I shall not be available next week’), wealth and power (‘I am the last court of appeal in this city for unsolved crimes’- who said this ? ) 

The greatest benefit is facing one’s core self directly and clearly and realizing one’s true nature. 





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