The peak of a Freelancer

A freelancer has an overall peak in career. The word overall is significant here. For me, the overall means – a steady stream of increasingly high value work, sowing seeds of future, rejecting or ignoring jobs which were once get-worthy, getting ample time to read, exercise, travel and spend time with one’s own deep person.

How to know you have reached the peak of your freelancing career ? Or for most of us, the most important question, how far we are lagging from the peak ?

Statistically, a freelancer should peak within ten years of his / her start of career. This means the career needs to start around 20’s or early 30s. There are exceptions, of course and this proves the rule. For any enterprise, including freelancing – physcial vigour and stamina are decider. This is not so when someone is doing average work and not disturbed by it.

The disturbed mind will shake you. This will create overall vibration in your system. On sustained stimulation, it will, at a time for a brief period will overshoot and resonate with something so great and so exciting that those brief years or even couple of months will tell you that you have peaked.

Another symptom of peak : If you are asking what is a peak, it is quite certain that you have not reached it yet.

One way to understand what I mean by peak of a freelancer is to look at the celebrity freelancers : movie-stars, rock-stars, sports (athletic) celebrities.

These professionals reach a peak at a point and many manage to stay for sometime but Time takes its toll and the decline begins.

The peak will be fleeting but the spirit to reach the peak or to realize that we are peaking will make us balanced, sober and most important – to be ready to peak in another domain.


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