How Freelancing can improve your health ?

No one can define what is health.

The medical science tried  to counteract or remove the symptoms presence of which can be called as ‘not in good health‘. 

 Here are some pointers to use freelancing to improve your health :

1. Anti-obesity Like Cassius, a freelancer is lean and has got a hungry look because he thinks too much.. What does he think about ? Brightest ones think how to be prepared about the future, bright ones try to be best, average ones try to expand and grow further and the bottom layer is looking for clue and opportunities. This is more or less everywhere. Whatever category one belongs to, you cannot remain in ease and in complacence. More important : you cannot afford many delicacies that are proven ingredients to transform directly into fat. 

2. Stress-rest button Suppose you find yourself under heavy stress and this may be due to a particular project, or project manager or both. You are not liking this and stress is building up. You have a reset-button ! You just fire the project. The same thing happens to a corporate employee. What he / she can do ? If she has already been in debt and has other trappings, the reset button is there but pushing seems not resetting but collapse almost. The very notion that you have that red-pill button available and you can push this without total collapse will immediately de-stress you. 

3. Idle time In India, I have seen that managers will idle and then in the evening they will start working and will leave office at 8 pm ! I don’t know the rationale behind this. In case of a freelancer, there can be plenty of idling time. These can be put into good use like long walks, editorial walks,  disinterested reading, marketing. A freelance can liberally use this time to improve his or her health and eventually become a species which is a rarity – TRCP gentleman / lady – Time Rich Cash Poor.

4. Health related fraud schemes If you observe health advisory on a specific issue from mainstream medical system for say 20 years, you shall conclude that medical science’s opinion is more less a sinusoidal waveform. Then comes plenty of system based frauds, half-truths.lies and semantic deceptions. A freelancer is actually a system-observer. His credo is more or less like this : Work as little you can, pay Ceasar as much you must, live below your means, loyal to common decency. It means that a freelancer is most likely not to fall into all these schemes and fraud and will remain in a better health than the frantic health and fitness hunters. 

5. Flexible Routine In agricultural societies, work routine was very different than it became in industrial era. In the industrial era, 9-5 work culture was born and it is hard to believe – this is a very recent thing if we look human history for a thousand years. I went to school when I was six years old and my son case, it was 3 years for nursery entry. Routine has many good things but one immutable bad aspect : It is designed to suit everybody but it does not suit anyone perfectly. This affects mental health. A freelancer can make his routine as perfect he wishes to provided he remembers the below non-negotiable maxims 

  • Live below your means
  • Earn little money everyday
  • No debt except for business and educating oneself on something concrete and relevant
  • Cook your own food. Better still – grow some food if you have opportunity
  • Read dis-interestedly
  • Market everyday
  • Don’t get carried by big idea – it can kill you.
  • Invest a dollar in business only when  you have two dollars worth of business knocking at your door/or you hear footsteps 
  • Learn the subtle differences between education, training and schooling
  • Learn the art of dis-engagement – this will be a new post
  • Try to realize the fact that there is a Supreme Manager and Management in this Cosmic Government.

You shall be a picture of health.

6. Flaunt your wealth You have a wealth which you do not know – time. Flaunt and celebrate this. You will be amazed to know that many super-paid workers envy you. No wealth can revert the passage of time. Time lost is lost forever. Plastic surgery can change your face but you cannot do plastic surgery to the universe. You have free time – don’t be sad about it. Celebrate it. Any reinforcement of self-image helps secrete dopamin and this triggers neuro-transmitters. Dopamine and melatonine provide you a feeling of drive and energy. Do you call yourself healthy if you find very relaxed as well as energetic ? 

7. Investment  Invest on reality – not on delusions. How to know what is delusion and what is reality ? Simple test. Every reality is a grace or gift and will appears effortless at the essence. Every delusion will come in the form of complicated structures, systems, network, dependencies, uncertainties, hidden controllers. Think of stock-market. I have no idea of financial investment but I can tell you the best investment item I have seen : a coconut tree. Ten years ago, somebody gave few litres of water and in next fifteen years, the tree provides water of highest purity and most-sophisticated packaging,.

Health is not something to attain. Health is our nature. 

You need not attain it. You just be in awareness through various standard and bona-fide practices and you shall live, earn and die in health.

Final word : Please remember that this body will die one day. You are not your body.


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