8 immutable laws of freelancing

1. There will be always more freelancers than jobs. Unless you are specialized on something like – 7-dimensional tensor analysis 

2. An employee will always prefer status-quo to excellence. Excellence is disturbing, status-quo is comforting.

3. The exchanges (where freelancers and clients meet/intermediation) will be always biased towards the clients  who provide jobs into the marketplace than those who bid for them. 

4. The best policy is to make a client addictive to your services or more subtly in you. Freelancing is art of seduction as a special case. More detailed tips and analysis here – https://wordsmithofbengal.wordpress.com/2013/07/19/the-art-of-seduction-and-freelancers-business/

5. Poverty is the price of freedom. If a woman wants to be rich, better to marry a bank. Similarly, if you aspire to become rich, you are in a wrong line of work if you are freelancing. 

6. When your enemy is within the firing range of yours, so are you within enemy’s range. If you are thinking of firing a client, the client might have already fired you. 

7. Do not love a client. Love something that your client does not dare to love.

8. Nobody will remember your Herculean feat for the last project. Remember the wisdom of the wiseguy as heard from The Mafia : You are as good as your last envelope. 


One response to “8 immutable laws of freelancing

  1. Good post , very practical tips . Thanks a lot

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