Describing your Job

The below story was heard by me from an insider :

Somewhere in 2000, a very charismatic Indian businessman was in a party and some portly lady asked the flamboyant businessman – ‘What is your business ?’, the businessman replied : ‘I make, distribute, label, brand and market booze.’ The lady’s pupil and lips did not dilate nor change any colour.

In the same party, a professor looking man was also present and the lady asked him the same question. He replied – ‘I run an airline’. The pupil dilated immediately, lips quivered as some few quarts extra blood got pumped through the aortic artery as the heart palpitated little faster.  

The charismatic businessman decided to own an airline and changed his job description completely. First as an airline-owner, then as a gatecrasher, then a debtor, then technically a failure, then lien on the properties and finally escaped by losing a part of the booze business. 

The moral : Everyone, even the richest and the powerful need to think of describing their job – to anyone. 

A freelancer’s job description by self is the toughest job to handle. 

I spent many sleepless nights and refusing to go to any party till I hit an idea. The idea was a to make a visiting card like a small poem. 

——————————–  Job Description ——————————-

All times in IST ( GMT +5:30 hours)

0600 am : Waking Up.

06300 am : Checking communication and pacifying / intimating Japanese and Australian clients. Colleagues in Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia alerted. Also checked the project alerts from the Americas that arrived while sun was shining there.

0700 am :  Morning walk and dropping my 9 year old son at the bus-pick up point

0730 am : Breakfast and strategic discussion with the lady of the house

0800 : Bath and worshipping my CEO – the Supreme , Primeval and the Eternal Wordsmith or the Supreme Controller of  all that is and all that be  – God.

0900: More reading and writing a blog post. Sending some marketing letters / plans

0930 : India wakes up and early risers in Central Asia and yes, China.

0930 – 1330 : Project Management activities, working on the business engine, hands dirty and tired

1330 – 1445 : Lunch, siesta, daydream and eating sweets

1500 : West Europe at desk after coffee.

1500 – 1700 : Engine work continues. Working on the book, polishing the book being written, translating, cleaning databases, cracking brain as how to convert some paying clients from the free webinar scheduled next week. Interrupted by game of cricket in the nearby park with 6-18 years.

1700 – 1800 : Wrapping up and discussion with Wordsmith Team

1800 onwards : Reading, Thinking and drinking tea.

1900 – 2000 – Wrap up with the Americas and business engine on sleep mode with 2 colleagues keeping watch in the Wordsmith Castle in search of the project-ghost.

21-2200 – Dinner, reading some philosophy –

2230 – 2330 – Writing a blog /reading some blogs

Changing Body (from the gross to subtle body – sleep)

The earth moves and I am in a cosmic plane rotating at a very high speed…..

I think my life is pretty boring in a sense.

I think I don’t feel this that intensely because I am forced by my nature of work to be alert that the planet is moving.

My day is a collection of seasons in 24 hours.


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