Overcoming Depression

Last week, due to weather or due to increased restlessness of my two year old son or due to some fruits I don’t know I was suffering from a mild form of depression and anxiety. I was doing my routines but somehow was not feeling well.

A relative  visited me and I confided that I was not feeling well and may be depressed. 

Pulok, a handsome businessman-singer-spiritual aspirant looked at me and told : If you remain depressed, the your writings will reflect that instead of uplifting reader’s and your mood, it will be a pall of gloom. 

The ego was targeted and the arrow reached the point.

Within next 30 mins, I felt the pall of gloom and forebodings clearing like English sky suddenly starts clearing and opens up a hope to have a glimmer of the sun. 

i dedicate the posts written today to Pulok – for hitting the ego’s ego subtly, softly but effectively.


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