SNW Test by Wordsmith : Check your social networking wealth

I have a very little presence in the social network and I am not in most of them. I feel envious of people who claim a friend network running into thousands. Are they friends or click-a-stand ? 

In 2008, we had some cash flow problem. This happened due to some clients paying later with prior intimation and some payables falling due. I sent all the freelance-colleagues  a mail, explained the situation and then sought for some grace period. 

The grace was granted and almost ten freelancers offered us some more lax payment terms till the crisis blows over. I forgot many things in thankfulness and gratitude and that was measuring the value of the gesture in not the most important aspect – monetary.

If memory serves me right, the value while calculated in 2007 dollars will be in the tune of $18,000. 

Now, run this test. Send the exact text to your social network ‘friends’ :

Since we have been friends for quite few years in this social network, I take the liberty of writing this to you. I am building a product and I have a fair chance of succeeding in the venture. I expect to start getting cash-flow from the product in next 2-3 months, I need a sum which I don’t have and I rely on your good-will and trust. I expect to pay back the money to you in next 90 days. All the details are enclosed for you to see and make your judgement. 

My paypal ID is [ make this a fresh one]

Test Result 

After a week, check your paypal balance. This balance is your social networking wealth. 

Analysing the Test Result * 

1. For any non zero amount ( $X)  run the following formula. 

   No of years in social network = y

   No of friends / connections / friends = N

   Time spent on cultivating the network / friends / per day = t  (in hours)

   Total time spent TT = t*y*365 hours

    Average time spent per friend  = TT / N 

SNW Quotient = $ X  / t * 365*y 

SNW < 1 —–> Your friends consider your worth 20 times less than an unskilled  third world worker.

SNW < 1 —–> Your friends consider your worth 20 times less than an unskilled  third world worker.

SNW =1 —-> Your friends consider your worth 10 times less than an unskilled  third world worker

SNW = 2 —> Semi skilled third world worker

SNW = 10 —> Skilled worker 

SNW = 15 —> Skilled, little better

SNW > 30 —> First world skilled worker 

* Test Designer does not take any responsibility of occurrence ofpanic-attacks while results being analysed. 


Just now do a special case : 

Consider SNW =1 for you with a year spent on friends and and 1 hour everyday. Your paypal balance should be $ 365 

If you want you to see yourself just as a barely skilled worker with minimum wage level, you need to have $ = 3650

What do you think your balance will be ? 


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