Typology of Career

  • Intense but brief : A cricketer, an athlete. A cricketer typically makes his debut at 20s, reaches peak around 25/26 and retires around 32/33. The actual period is very brief – a decade at the most.
  • Low-intensity but  longer : 99% of corporate employees
  • Low-intensity to the extent of highly boring but very long : 99% of Government employees
  • Low Intensity / Very long : Career Politicians
  • Nasty, Brutish and Short : Professional Soldiers while fighting wars
  • Nasty, Brutish and Long : Professional soldiers with injury in war
  • Intense but short : Mathematicians and Hard Sciences. No fundamental mathematical advance appears to come from people in their forties
  • Matured Intensity : Philosophers and authors, artists in some domain
  • Un-classified : Freelancers

What is your career type ? 


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