[Reverse Thinking ] Book to Blog

I was watching Ancient Alien series in History Channel and one commentator proposed that instead of a flying saucer flying into a lake, it is equally possible that the saucer was in an underwater silo and tool flight from below. If we edit the take-off part, one is naturally led to believe that the saucer has flown from sky (actually it flew into the sky).

A classic case of reverse thinking or reverse vision.

From 2002-2012, I had written a history book entitled An Intimate History of Bengal – around 1,60,000 words spread in 20 chapters. It can also be seen as 300+ posts each 500 words.

I have decided to release the book in the form of a series of posts. This will allow me run two parallel threads – one the original book thread and the other is the current edit thread.

Let us try !


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