War, Taxation and Citizens

I had this thought while I was thinking of ‘freedom’ in various forms of Government. 

I have found out that in any form of government of any age of any geography, citizens have to face 2 issues on which they have no control whatsoever. There is no single exception. I think this is summarized by a brilliant wordsmith in the maxim : As sure as death and taxation. Consider :

1. In any form of government, the person, group or parties who are in power can declare war and this can either make sure that young men (conscription / mandatory military duty) are going to die or get injured. Civilian causalities are common and sometimes more than military causalities. 

2. Same goes with taxation. The party in power can impose various taxes within their period of power and citizens cannot do anything about it. 

In democracy, the system of voting provide a relief but as long as the part in power, the part can do almost whatever it likes. And it does. 

If we expand our idea of government broader – from nation to globe to cosmic, we may ask as what is the equivalent of war and taxation. Let us consider we are under a cosmic government where our national governments are units into the large cosmic empire. 

War : Death and Disease.

Taxation : Struggle for Survival.

Awful thoughts ! 



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