A synthetic study on Big Data, Trending, Vedic Astrology

I presented this post in the form of a webinar in Wordsmith University last year entitled : Freelancer’s Feast and Famine cycle.The webinar effectively dealt with the problem of cyclic variation of freelancer’s income and ways and means to predict or understand the ‘trending’ of it. 

Recently, Mr. Sushovan Mukherjee, CEO and co-founder of Prime Infoserv LLP gave me a series of telephonic lectures on the subject of Big Data, Trending and Analytics. These concepts were at the core of the radical venture he was founding –   Health360plus and I have been also a humble contributor. The post, quite long below tries to connect these domains as well as leave various questions and also some germinal business ideas. 






Please see above figure : Then first is the curve of a specific stock in NYSE for forty years, next is solar emission over 50 years and the last one is the cosmic radiation intensity in a point for last 30 years. The graph at the right is a hand-plot of a freelance translator’s income over four years. 

These diverse processes : individual, corporate, solar and cosmic processes show a strikingly similar pictoral similarity. The factors that influence these processes surely lie at the domain of fashionably called BIG DATA nowadays.

The question we can ask now :

a. What will be my income-trend in September 2014 to March 2015 ?  [ this is the question which has potential business hidden in it]


The first picture is of genetic code, second is the convoluted brain and the third is the Schrodinger wave equation predicting with certain level of probability the ‘destiny’ of an electron. 



The above picture is a horoscope as detailed in Vedic astrology. This can be considered as a combination of a specific genetic code (a person) and an encrypted signature. The encrypted signature above takes initial condition (date / time / space of birth), the genetic code ( the person’s manifestation), compresses and convolutes HYPER-BIG DATA.

The question is : do we have a tool-kit to unpack this BIG DATA towards future and do trending ? 

The answer is YES. Vedic astrology provides the tool-kit. 



One of the very powerful tools Vedic Astrology provides is cycles and epicycles. The whole HYPER BIG DATA is squezzed into a 12 house diagram with initial conditions put in. The 12-box diagram now provides infinite number of time series. The series is now interpreted just like an analyst interprets the DATA. There is a possibility, in some cases where the analyst’s very actions can impact the nature of the data. Example : Insider Trading where few individuals collude and gather information and this in turn changes the future course of events and sometimes with catastrophic result to the horoscope of the analyst / actor (From Boardroom  to Jailhouse : recent insider trading)

What is Vedic Astrology ?

Vedic astrology is a life-management tool and an astrologer is trained to interpret this HYPER BIG DATA, balance the probabilities and draw meaningful conclusions. Just like two SEO experts do not 100% agree on the same question regarding a client whereas working on the same Google searches, astrological opinion vary. 

The predictive power of Vedic astrology

Vedic astrology is a very vast domain of knowledge, experience, benchmarks, theories and empirical lemmas. Most of its seminal texts are written in Sanskrit. There are ample number of charlatans as well. 

Comments and some ideas :

a. Vedic Astrology is an abused term just like yoga is. 

b. The discipline needs same way of training as any discipline does

c. The data / factors it handles are vaster than any BIG DATA engine we shall ever make.

d. The algorithm of google is made by a consicous being – a person. The algorithm of Vedic astrology is not man-made just like law of gravitation is not man-made, men have only observed and codified the law and then drew a series of conclusions which worked.

e. As a trending tool and if we admit its power to do so, it is exceedingly cheaper than the BIG DATA architecture. 

f. The cycle / epicycle can be reolved into a resolution of minutes / seconds and here BIG DATA engines can be used to test the finely resolved time units. 

Finally, unlike Big Data engines of today which is too costly and can be used by very rich men and corporations as of now, the Vedic Astrology was available more or less free to anyone and it still is. 

As Indian IT industry’s golden days are gone and new horizons are breaking, I think it is reasonable to research into this area where we have a long tradition. 


Some hundred years back, every Brahmin in India used to know little bit of vedic astrology. Some used to be a full timer and they used to earn their living. They were dealing with something like BIG DATA, nothing else. 

I have been a student of this great discipline and may be one day, I shall start company that will compete and complement the current researches in BIG DATA. 




One response to “A synthetic study on Big Data, Trending, Vedic Astrology

  1. Kaushik Bhattacharya

    Excellently thought out and written. Definitely this ancient science needs to be nurtured and put in context with present day subject for people to fathom the depth of it.

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