[Fiction] The Parable of the ignorant young employee and the Founder-CEO

[This post owes its existence to our lead Portuguese translator who inspired us to write and think about a post – The Cosmic Government. He was talking about certain national Government on the verge of collapse during EU debt crisis] 

Mr. Mohit Auddy joined a large multi-national company in its Indian subsidiary. It was his first job. Mohit was 22 years old and his boss received him warmly. He decided that he will work very sincerely and will please his immediate boss. He settled himself in a cubicle in a very large room and the top view from an airplane with the floor removed would look like a honeycomb where worker bees are using their fingers like a bee uses its antennae on the keyboard. 

Meanwhile, company’s founder and CEO and also the sole owner decided to visit his offices incognito and he started with India first. He took the disguise of a young man, around 25 years (he was much much older actually) Only his confidential lieutenants in the Head-Quarter knew about his disguise and the purpose. Two of them actually came to India and were also in-incognito.  The Founder-CEO’s name during disguise was Madhava Murthy. 

Mohit was in the lift in the morning and he found a man of his age in the lift. He looked at the ID and asked him in which department he is working. They soon became friends and also started sharing office-gossip. Mohit was delighted to find that he shares many common interest with Madhav and they used to roam around socially as well.

Meanwhile, Mohit’s boss changed and his work made him reporting to 4 verticals for a complex project. The problem was that he was not able to satisfy all four. What satisfies one becomes a matter of great dissatisfaction and Mohit was puzzled and was in severe stress. The matter reached such a height that the stress and fear made him physically sick. 

He confided to Madhav and Madhav listened with avid interest and told him to hold ground and fight. He was otherwise very laconic. 

One day, Mohit was approached by a senior colleague and the senior man told Mohit that Madhav was a man with great connections in the organization and the connection may reach at the very top.

Mohit was too busy with his immediate bosses and had little interest to know what connection Madhav has. He was 100% focused in managing his immediate bosses and their tantrums. In his department, everybody was having more or less the same experience and there was none who could support him.

One day, the situation went beyond limits and Mohit was in deep tension, shivering as he found he may be sacked and one of his bosses was actually working to that direction. Loss of job means loss of vitality for Mohit. He had so many plans and so many things to achieve. A whole life to be enjoyed.

That evening, he called Madhav and they met in the canteen. It was late evening and very few people were there. The dialogue went like this and we are producing an edited version below :

Mohit : Madhav,  please help me. I think you are well connected with top bosses. Please help me from losing my job. You are much smarter than me and more matured. Guide me. I am really confused. 

Madhav : Ok. Sure. As a friend I shall do whatever is best for you.

Mohit : Do you think I shall escalate the matter to higher authorities ?

Madhav : Sure. But to whom ?

Mohit : I do not know. 

Madhav : I have an idea. Since the situation is so critical, why don’t you tell the owner ? In any way, you shall lose the job considering the situation you tell me you are in.

Mohit : But I do not know who he is, what way he would take the matter and don’t you think it will be violation of chain of command ? They would terminate me immediately. 

Madhav : I know the owner very well.

Mohit : Really ! How ?

Madhav : I am the owner, but in disguise.

Mohit : (burst out laughing) You are kidding me !  You have the same experience as that of me and you are claiming to be the owner.. Ha ha…

Madhav : No Mohit. I am the owner – the sole owner of this company and there is none equal or above me. I am the founder as well and in that way, everybody in this company of past, present and future are my children

Mohit :  Are you in your senses, Madhav ? 

Madhav : Yes. what I am telling you is the absolute truth. 

Mohit : Oh My God ! Prove it then. 

Madhav : Ok. Lo behold. He called someone and Mohit observed that two senior colleagues who approached earlier moved in deferentially and stood, waiting for order. 

Mohit : (almost fainting) : But Sirs, Madhav – what about my problem ?

Madhav : Your problem will be solved. You see, I am not envious of anyone. Hence, I am giving you the truth : leave all your bosses and serve me directly. All your bosses are serving me only.

Mohit : I am losing my mind. Tell me what is best for me.

Madhav : Mohit, as a supreme and primeval owner of this organization, I am omnipotent and I control everyone and no one controls me. I am telling you this because you are my dear friend and not envious of my position even though I seem like you.

Mohit : Pardon me, Sir. Pardon me. I might have said so many things without knowing. Please pardon me. 

Madhav : No, my friend. I have told you the truth. Now it is upto you to choose. You can either remain here and try to satisfy your bosses and others or come to the headquarter and serve me. It is your choice. You have complete freedom to choose. 

Mohit : Respected Sir, what shall I say ? I am overwhelmed by your grace and mercy on me. I shall so whatever you say. You will be my only boss, always. 


Next day, Mohit’s departmental Head received a confidential Instruction from the personal secretary of the Owner from HQ and he complied the Instruction immediately. Mohit was released immediately from his tasks and he boarded a plane towards the HQ where his duties more or less remained the same but he never came back to work elsewhere. 







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