BIG DATA Guidebook – Chapter II – Bringing Big Data into common sense

In the first chapter, we have prepared a simple, brief and hence extremely useful framework called PSEL and it is now our objective to use common sense to understand Big Data.

A human being is a bundle of senses – total 6. Five external and one internal. Five external organs are 

  • Sight
  • Smell
  • Touch
  • Speech
  • Taste

and mind as an internal sense organ. The five above you can ‘see’ but mind you cannot see but it does not mean that I do not have a mind. You speak to a person and even to an animal but not to a stone without being called as ‘out of mind’. 

A human being creates all data due to the interaction of the 6 senses with the outside world. 

So we can conclude that source of Big Data of past, present and future  = interaction of 6 senses with the external world. 

As we plug more and more sense objects / senses into Internet or a kind of electronic skin over the world, more sense interactions will take place, generating more data and we see a positive feedback system.

This positive feedback system will take us to a runaway system. However, Nature has provided ‘dampers’ and another entity is needed to provide negative or controlled negative feedback into the system. This is the feedback loop and the entity is called Intelligence

Intelligence is not a sense organ. Intelligence is not an actor but a director. Without intelligence, all systems will crash with positive feedback. It monitors the senses and their interactions and selects and de-selects. 

In Big Data conversation today, when you sense fear, disruption, confusion, helplessness, what-to-do, it means that Intelligence is sensing the potential scenario of a runaway condition. 

This is good sign because it means that we have arrived a higher level of evolution of Big Data conversation. 



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