Big Data Guidebook : Chapter III : How advanced aliens handle and manage Big Data

We have closed the second chapter with a sense of hope. Now, we shall follow our PSEL framework and try to see how advanced alien civilizations handle big data. This will help us, especially the scientists (the S of the PSEL) of our framework. 

Let us examine one of the alien relic easily available to us : our own body. No scientist can claim that our body (or body of any living being) is strictly manufactured in this planet. As a matter of fact, from our Big Data framework, we can assert the formation of our body as below:

As soon as the sense of a man interacts with the environment and detects a young and fertile woman, there happens many intermediate steps, slow or fast depending on the clock of the cultural platform, and genetic fluid is being injected into a secured chamber. The process of injection and reception creates extremely pleasant sense data and after nine months or so, another body, very small and frail leaves the chamber and emits audible data not understood by any grammar for a year or so.

Let us now examine how our body-machine is mother-boarded and how it is working.

Our BIg Data scientists need to focus on this alien technology – how our body handles the data generated within without going into runaway condition ?

It is not very easy for humans to easily understand the work of an advanced alien civilization and hence we shall see what modern biology and brain-sciences tell us 

  • Our brain uses a technique which is not pure computational in nature (Roger Penrose)
  • There are states of brain where it vectors and reaches conclusions which seem to be not possible in its normal state. In many cases, these conclusions proved to be true whereas there is no explanation as why these are true ( Discoveries like Benzene Ring, Poincare Formula, Double Helix etc)
  • As for data integrity, our Big Data scientists may note the fact that genetic code, not very large number in no of atoms remains remarkably stable for millions of years [ Schrodinger : What is Life ? ] 

I think I have given enough problem to our scientists and we shall now deal with the next group in the list – The economists. 



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