Free webinar on Big Data and Analytics by Wordsmith University

We have been studying Big Data for sometime. The immediate result was toying with an idea resulting into a post : A synthetic study on Big Data and Vedic astrology. Later on, we read some of the best minds on the theme, attended couple of industry conferences in person as well as some tutorials in webinar and thought of presenting a summary of these for freelance and business-owner colleagues.

I have teamed up with Mr. Sushobhan Mukherjee  and a free webinar announced with following details on 31st Oct 2014 – 1600 hours GMT onwards for a duration of 60 mins.

Topic Summary [ Link to Register ]

  • Basic Concepts of Analytics and Big Data
  • Impact on business in general and freelance business in partcular
  • How businesses are using these for their advantage
  • How you can apply the techniques for your business development

What we commit to offer 

  • Orientation about an emerging business dynamics
  • Ways, means and examples as how to use these for your business development
  •  All attendees will receive our   Handbook  : Measuring and improving  your business’s Analytic  Quotient

Still interested, Please click the link and register : REGISTER


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