Job : A tragi-comi story from a Business Owner of Calcutta

A Bengali business owner wrote a post and I suggest every one – jobseeker, recruiter, policy-maker, students  read this very attentively and sometimes suppressing wonder, amazement and laughter.

Mr. Sushobhan starts

In my entrepreneurial journey I have seen several instances which are clueless. I have learned lot of stories from my fellow friends as well. And all of the instances having a story behind. In this section today I will try to list down few of the instances which are experiences by me or my friends. The stories of few of the points will be explained in separate blog in the same series (hope you remember the 1st blog in this series “Why Pradip Left the Job”. Here goes few samples:

My apologies for being an interruption here. I called up after reading this and felt that we need to reach a wider audience with this. Behind the comedy of the list, there is a dark tragedy and the tragedy is nothing less than unrealized human potential. Reason : Irrationality, irrational self-love, denial, belief in miracle and occult, denying the real situation and driven by ideology. In short : being in illusion.

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Please see below the list from Mr. Sushobhan, 25+ in all

  1. The engineer had to leave office at 6.45pm instead of 6pm and he missed the train which he is used to board. Did not turn up next day onward (even though he was having lot of liability and was not having any alternate job)
  2. One guy taken leave for “Liver Related Problem” (after working six months) and did not comeback.
  3. The fresher engineer (who spent more than a lakh amount in training in almost all domain like linux, windows, networking, php, maya etc) and we were trying to mentor and groom him. But within three months he started complaining to customers (instead of sharing his discomfort to us , he started pitching to the customers) that he has not been given Linux oriented jobs and finally left without giving us opportunity to train him in Linux domain before live projects.
  4. Fresher “Muslim” guy left job since he had been told to support onsite customer support (FMS) during durgapuja and adjust the leave during Maharam (which was immediately after durgapuja that year). Instanly he rejected since it will disturb his enjoyment during puja with friends and did not turn up next day onwards.
  5. The candidate had a seat beside bathroom hence he left the job.
  6. Boss asked the candidate to find out his driver (his mobile was not reachable) at nearby pan-shop and hence he left the job.
  7. Boss asked him to stay till 8 pm for a specific reason and he left the job immediately without informing anyone.
  8. Customer shouted heavily as he attended a call after 2 hours and delay was due to traffic problem / train late. In effect he left the job.
  9. The candidate was sent to a remote customer where there is no office of his organization. Left the job on return.
  10. Candidate was playing games and caught by a co-worker and he in turn threatened him to complain to the authority. And he left the job
  11. Within 4 hrs notice he was asked to visit a customer at Jharkhand. He left office for home to prepare himself. But finally did not go and vanished afterwards.
  12. Candidate was having slight stammering. A female co-worker laughed at him and while stammering and he left the job.
  13. The engineer was deputed to a CCTV Surveillance Project to learn along with senior person. There was contractor to lay, drill etc and the other senior engineer was there to configure, test and train customer, Engineer felt the work is below standard and a HS Passed Engineer can do this. Hence he left.
  14. At the time of interview he was informed that he will work as a network engineer but he was asked to visit a customer for support purpose and he left the job.
  15. Senior asked him to bring tea from cafeteria and in effect he left the job.
  16. She was asked to stay one hour more in the evening and her father came office and took her home saying she won’t do the job any more.
  17. Candidate was late in attendance for few days and he was asked to be on time to avoid deduction from salary. He did not come next day onwards.
  18. Candidate was asked to carry a switch and some cables to customer place and he left the job. He even hold company’s laptop for a few days.
  19. Recruiter imposed a financial bond for one year (like he cannot leave the job before one year and if he does so he will be liable to payback some amount to the organization).He did not join.
  20. Engineer acted very casual at customer place (Customer link went down and they incurred business loss due to wrong command given in the router) and he was questioned by his senior. He left the job.
  21. A CCNA candidate thought he had excellent knowledge in router. But the gap in knowledge was identified in the first day of his joining and he had been asked to study to mediate the gap. He left.
  22. The first day was very hectic and the engineer could not have lunch on time. His mother told her not to continue.
  23. She was good at sales/ marketing co-ordination and was performing well and was earning handsome salary. Her boyfriend (jobless) did not want her to do a job and in effect she left.
  24. Candidate was asked to manage the customer who is in firing mood. Left
  25. And so on.

Didn’t you hear many times that there are no jobs, companies do not recruit, economy is in bad shape and such macroeconomic conclusions ? Didn’t your son or daughter or student tell you why he/she was forced, at gunpoint to leave the job ?

I, perhaps the only private citizen of Calcutta, break my silence now and address those young men and women who are seeking job today and whose father worked in Government sector in the good old India / Bengal of 1970s-1980s

When your family was staying in a Government Quarter in the posh areas of the city and when the salary was ensured for next 30 years or so for your father, a little more less ; and when there was no need to get rejected (while selling, marketing, delivering a customer product) ever in the whole career, think of a person who was trying to build a business, a company, a corporation.

You (or the environment of yours) did not take notice. You did when someone grew and you immediately rationalized that there is something fishy as if you could have easily done these.

Your environment taught you to ignore the root (business / enterprise) and to eat the fruit ( employment, salary, perks) as if a kind of a birth-right. Didn’t you acquire so many nice paper degrees from hallowed institutions ?

You knew or thought you knew all the tricks of the book except one : the shine and glow of wealth that you see now is the culmination of a process at the end of which lies a person, a single person eventually who took a very hard road, a road fraught with risk, a role needing ever present vigilance, work and risk. A single mis-step or negligence can cause damage irreversible.

In short, you laughed at heroes. You considered heroic suffering as lack of chalaki and in the search of comfort in all sense, you have failed to be what a person earns : Respect.


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