Three mysteries of the Digital Nation

I. Everyone understands that in the conveyor belt of ever increasing trivialities, no one will remember anything in the digital superhighway. Still, the effort continues. This reminds of a mythical king answering the question : What is the greatest wonder of the world ? Even though everyone finds that death is everywhere, still everyone has a lurking feeling that he / she may somehow escape.

II. Qualitative to quantitative.  Does someone love you ? Are you cared for ? Are you valued ? Are you recognized ? How much ?  X facebook wishes, Y twitter wishes, Z emails…..

∑ (Love, Care, Recognition) = ∫∫∫  L, C, R dl. dc. dr

The above integration is “stable” under the assumption : it is very very difficult to press keyboards.

III. I learn from Milan Kundera’s essay on Kafka that he did an exploration and discovers a state of human mind when it looks for the crime after the judgement is passed. This inverts the normal order from Crime to Punishment. Instead of punishment seeking the criminal, the punished seeks the crime to rationalize punishment.  In digital nation, record seeks experience. Previously, a photograph was shot and recorded or captioned. It is inverted now. Surrounded by great space and time of experience, the thought that triggers and animates a baboon like clicking of photos and records. The urge to record and display precedes the experience itself.

These are mysteries and we are all part of it.


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