Cyber Attack Prevention Strategy

Very relevant. Just like a citizen in a democracy has a manual called Constitution of the country, digital citizens must have some kind of a constitution.

This constitution or rule-book is not there. A digital citizen must be educated about the inherent challenges of this new order where we have entered.

The heart and brain of the cybersecurity is finally a group of persons – both in terms of offence or defense. It is heartening to so a list of dos and don’t for a common user written in a commonly used language and certified by common sense. Most of the security experts do not write in this language.

Either they consider everybody in the same level of theirs or they communicate in a tone and language that reflects his/her too much exposure to the world of machines.

Machines may be very wonderful but they value-neutral.

Information security is also learning about the value hierarchy of information we deal, generate, propagate and most important, in case of businesses whom we entrust with.

Sushobhan Mukherjee

Entire India is into turbulence with the latest banking fraud. All print media, news channels, internet are discussing on the same topic and some kind of panic situations are spreading across. Security breaches are very common; but this time something ‘Worst’ has happened. Yes, this biggest financial data breach has affected 32 lakh debit cards. As a result of this, banks have blocked their ATM cards, without any advance notice. But these kind of attacks are not new or unusual.  With the increasing trend of Internet connectivity, online shopping (e-commerce), mobile wallet usage, IoT (Internet of Things), these kind of threats are bound to increase due to casual approach to the situations. We tend to be highly technical, keep on spending money on high end appliances, softwares and intent to forget basics without applying common sense.

The approach to the situations are always reactive. The moment some attack place, the…

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