Guest Quartet – “An extra in Relationship” by Mallika Chatterjee – a 4 part prose-work releasing soon

Wordsmith University – Freelancer Business and Life school and Wordcon-  Collaborative Platform for Indian Freelancers, commissioned a 4-part prose-work on a theme highly salacious for the vulgar horde but profoundly important for the thoughtful. Thoughtful about the contemporary Life and Times – for us and for our children.

Our formal education, in most of the cases do not train us on 2 most important themes / subjects / problems : a) what career should I choose and b) how to handle relationships of all kinds.


Wordcon Edit-Team, led by Himangshu helped the series – “An extra in relationship”, to be presented by Ms. Mallika Chatterjee, CEO of Good Cause Technologies, daughter, wife, mother, observer, social media regular and we call her – a native-bidushi of Calcutta.

Stay tuned. Stay thoughtful.


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