Contemporary Europe and Darkening of the Shadow of Amnesia

Personally, I do not command enough nerve while sitting beside someone with some terminal illness in a hospital but strange enough, decline and decay of civilizations fascinate me and since my boyhood (first text I read was Decline and Fall of Roman Empire by Gibbon) I had a morbid interest as how colossal empires declined. How something that seemed inconceivable a century ago becomes something quite ordinary and settled affair. How quickly generations forget the glories of their forefathers and it has humbled me.

Contemporary Europe makes me shudder – a citizen of the Indian Republic, previously a colony of the British Empire and before that, an Eastern off-shoot and extension of the Ottoman-Persian empire, before that – in its classical period, coinciding with late Roman period, before that it repulsed Alexander’s Army and before that history’s light is dimmer and we pass from the twilight of the myths to a time where the highest birds of or Memory cannot reach.

My previous generations were exposed to Europe via the British Empire. As the descendant of the subjects of that now vanished Empire, may I remind contemporary Britons who have something of living inside them that it is un-Aryan for them to have only some guilt about that Empire. It is this un-Aryan *klaibya* in Sanskrit that is at the root of the present condition where Europeans find themselves, including Britain to be displaced from their own homeland – not by some blitz, not by some external enemy with overwhelming force but due to losing a sharpened consciousness and with that loss, the soul is lost.

Men and women of Europe, hark, from the descendants of  one of your Colonies in the East, even though your leaders of politics and leaders of mind-space teach you to be “diverse and nice”, “race-less and sex-less”, “guilty and seeking punishment”, “responsible for third world poverty, climate change, ice melting in the Antarctica”, “suspending all kinds of basic human instinct while encountering outre orientations in terms of sex, gender and what not:, “studying non-subjects like Gender Studies, Women Studies, Black Studies, Transgender Studies and such while not studying or not studying carefully enough your classical writers, true writers”, I, qualified by nothing but the Debt a Man owes to another Man, tell you this :

  • The world as we know today is pre-dominantly a creation, in seminal sense by European White Male lasting for last 400+ years.  This process was neither wholly bad or wholly good but EWM should be proud of, not guilty because the alternative was infinitely worse. Don’t you observe this in most places of the earth ?
  • Women of Europe, let me tell you this : 200 years ago in Bengal, an eastern province of India where I reside and speak the language as mother-tongue, there was a “culture” ( repeat now : all cultures are equal) where widows were burnt in the funeral pyre of their husbands after an elaborate ritual. No one knows how long this “tradition” lasted or about its “heritage”. In 1833, under the Governorship of a British white male called Bentick and with support from Raja Rammohan Roy – the first  modern Indian, this was abolished by law. Please note that it was in 1806 and then in 1826, slavery was abolished in all forms by British Parliament. Please understand that Slavery was going for thousands of years before British Empire and it was British Parliament that was pioneer in abolishing this “scourge of mankind.”
  • Europe – something miraculous happened in your continent some 500 years back and something equally miraculous is happening now – in its negative sense. An amnesia of spirit that has no known parallel in recent history.

Contemporary Europe and Classical Period of India : a mirroring analysis of the Culture-Soul

Post Buddha and Jaina period in Indian history witnessed a refinement of culture and civilization that has not been rivaled since then in India. It was the “peak” of Indian classical civilization.  The period was fortunate to witness relative calm in the borders and Hun threat long gone, North, Central and Western India enjoyed a prosperity and peace that will wait a thousand years when Mughals will consolidate in India by 14th century.  Architecture and painting of that period attest to the great refinement of that civilization.

Something happened within which was slow but continuous. The peace, affluence and prosperity, couples with Buddhist philosophical stand on Life made the higher classes inward looking, narcissistic, self-congratulatory and ideology driven rather than by facts. In India’s North west frontier, powerful forces were gathering and in next five hundred years, what was some mercenary raid became outright invasion because it was understood by the more vigorous outsiders that the target has a soft-underbelly – in all aspects.

In terms of civilization quality, there was a drastic difference between those who started the raids and those who were defenders of the classical world that nurtured them but as A Pacino says – “Desire Trumps Talent” and what I think is the re-statement of Schopenhauer’s Will in retail format, the outsiders overwhelmed the classical civilization and by 10th century the classical age gave up its ghost. The initiative totally lay with the vigorous outsiders.

Lesson for Contemporary Europe  

To my assessment, the same is going to play-out for the Old Continent. The migrated elements are coming with low civilization quality but that will not hinder them. Desire will trump unless this is met by an equally raw force – of continuation of one’s genetic code – of raw physical survival.

Europe is fading away – the Great Movement that started in 5th century with Germanic Tribes, who made the new Europe from the bones of the Old Roman Empire – the same Germania has opened Her Gates to forces whose true impact none knows  – I hear the tunes of Bach’s “Final Movement from Brandenburg” – the Compassion of the Weak has triumphed over the Magnanimity of the Strong.

Old Europe is withering away…. I do not know what lies store in long term but in the short term, it is inconceivable to believe that those “migrants” – predominantly Islamic men of young age will appreciate the “refinements” and “historical gratuity” of the host culture. History says otherwise – no culture has survived while taking radical change in policy especially regarding its “gates” in space called geography and time called historical time.

Let me advise you, men and women of Europe – a story from the Empire that was the foundation on which you had built Christian heritage to Enlightenment and modern science and then all technologies and finally – your social media where you try to be “virtuous” and “welcoming”.

While Rome was in its death thores, Valens was the Western Emperor and a nomadic tribe was asking to be given land in Italy proper.  Since Romulus, no tribe was allowed within the mainland of Italy to be settled – it was a policy that was at the heart of Roman statecraft. Valens went against this policy and allowed this ramshackle, poor and wretched tribe to be settled within the mainland of Italy – the Eternal City.

In next five years, Valens was brutally assassinated by the same tribe and with this Rome bade farewell to history and Europe’s light went out.

Lights are fading out in Europe – light that Men and Women burn in their hearts and consider Life sacred and beautiful because this Light passes on.

This is the Light for which one of the oldest prayer in Sanskrit – the language of the Vedic Literature and also the language in which Malqades of One Hundred Years of Solitude wrote the prophecy of a family which to me resembles so much of Contemporary Europe.

Defeated Love is greater than what Defeats it – I shall leave with this consolation for me and for Europe of the Living.



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