Visualization : Wordcon’s Conference in New Delhi (Winter 2019)

This is a follow-up of the WORDCON INDIA TOUR 2018 for Freelancers, organized by non-profit Freelance Foundation that started last month at Bangalore and reached New Delhi on 9th August. New Delhi, as one of the major cities and capital of India since 1911, is a contrarian among great cities of the world. A land-locked city without any great port or a glorious river and where tombs of the past rulers look at the citadels of the present rulers. From Indraprastha to Dilli, to Delhi and New Delhi and now the centre of a region called NCR (National Capital Region).

We had two events in New Delhi – a work-shop for students in Amity University (Noida) and en-route, you see Huamyun’s tomb – the only piece of architectural beauty I could find in the  concrete wilderness of the  Noevue  Sub-urbium Indicourum.  Then we had a meet with freelancers of various domains at a Cafe, almost hidden in the boundary wall of RK Ashram Metro station.


Students at Amity Noida 



Freelance Meet

These two events that made us make new friends and meet old friends made me visualize the following :

  1. A Conference of freelancers in New Delhi in January / Feb 2019 to be attended by freelancers of all types.
  2.  A follow-up cricket match – retro style in some club-fields of New Delhi. We have considerable experience in organizing such retro style cricket matches from Calcutta to England. The match will include mixed-ability games, retro dress, good food and a musical finale.

What we have in New Delhi:

a. A local team and captive participants who are eager to make it happen.

b. Experience of Organizing such Conferences for last 3 years – see

c. Speakers, Content and Presentation Modes

d. Social Media Cell

e. Music Team for Musical Finale

f. A qualitative and quantitative report as how does it help the whole ecosystem comprising of freelancers, businesses, associates, friends, critics and curious.

What we need in New Delhi 

a. Few  sponsors with shared values covering hospitality in terms of food, mementos, gifts and printing / promotion

b. A venue partner for the Conference

c. A cricket field with the club as partner

Our experience tells that with these in place and with some luck added, The Conference and the Cricket during Winter will deliver high value and will help us fulfill the mission of manifest destiny for us : Harmonizing Income,Leisure and Fame.


One response to “Visualization : Wordcon’s Conference in New Delhi (Winter 2019)

  1. wordsmithofbengal

    Next port of Call : Mumbai / Bombay – 23rd Aug to 25th Aug 2018

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