Freelance Foundation / WORDCON – Vision 2020

Freelance Foundation is a registered charity in Calcutta, India with the mission of Harmonizing Income, Leisure and Fame for world freelancers.  For last five years, we have been conducting full day conferences, meet-ups, online mentoring, music and sports events for freelancers.


The Apex Council of Freelance Foundation has decided, a part of the VISION 2020 plan, the following Tour and Outreach Programmes for freelancers.

WORDCON INDIA TOUR 2018-2020 | 20 cities of India 


Having completed metro city tour, we have realized that there is a growing body of freelancers in Tier I and Tier II cities of India. The format of each meet will be as follows, with amends as per the local custom /culture. This knowledge will come from the Lead Freelancer in that respective city / town and he / she will be part of our Team. We have already started finding those rare souls. The format of the meets (sabha) will be as follows :

  • A hosting institution will provide us space and facilities
  • The Lead Freelancer will spread the news / promote the meet in our network in the city
  • Teachers of Freelance Foundation will act as Chief Listener and will listen to the problems and solve / indicate a solution
  • It is observed that many freelancers and people in general are averse in discussing such issues in public and hence one to one, private meet will be arranged – in person or online.
  • The Representative of Freelance Foundation will not charge any fee whatsoever in any form, anytime – now of hereafter for the mentoring or training sessions.
  • Freelance Foundation is a charity and it does not and will not pay any fee for any form of activity by its representatives / teachers but reasonable cost will be compensated.

These tours will create field-data and broad spectrum case studies and that will be kept in public domain as a corpus of knowledge and know-how – both theory and of practice.



The world tour will follow the same model of implementation and will work under the same philosophy that knowledge is free and it is the duty of senior and established Craftsman to teach younger ones without any fee – cash or kind. This comes in rare souls of the world and we are searching for such souls in 20 world cities.

We shall share our knowledge of India and vice versa.

We shall try to have educational institutions / co-working spaces as our hosting partner and will deliver our message as below :

  • Current state of Freelancing in other parts of the world
  • Challenges and solutions devised
  • Mentors who can be approached in your city for free, un-biased and honest advice and guidance. These mentors will be Foundation approved and guided by the code of conduct whose essence is : to be a true teacher without any agenda for personal gain in form of consulting, pushing products or selling a membership sort of. Every Freelance Foundation’s Global Teacher’s only duty is to help organize his students and deliver actionable knowledge based on his own experience as well as from the collective knowledge
  • We shall sponsor coffee/tea for these meets.



For last 4 years, we have been growing with our family of sponsors and associates. We shall sound out these old friends and will try to on-board new friends who will help us fulfill our mission. Some sponsors have already on-boarded.

The only objective of Vision 2020 is to deliver knowledge as a true Acharya and hence we have proposed a Cashless Model of Patronage to our potential sponsors and associates. In this model, we list the requirements for us to deliver and then approach respective sponsors / associates to provide them. We have found this model to be very encouraging for both the parties.

More updates will soon follow.

If you are interested to be a Freelance Foundation Teacher, please let us know at


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