Wordsmith Star : A Food Rating Project

What it is ?

Wordsmith Star is a food rating system for food of Calcutta / Bengal. Food will be rated as per the below criteria

Product quality
Visual aspects 
Local ingredients 
Authenticity of the food
Ambiance of the eatery (street food included)
Personality of the chef reflected in the food or uniqueness
Service / Price Point 

How many Stars ?

  • One Star : Decent and deserves a re-visit
  • Two Star : Excellent and not to be missed
  • Three Star : Heritage Class and to be visited /eaten at least once in a Lifetime

Process of Rating

  • We shall invite entries from food businesses. Entries will include photos and description of their 3 best dishes
  • We may also take up an establishment suo moto if we find this deserves to be rated
  • Our Food Inspectors (qualified chefs, food bloggers)  will visit incognito and like a paying customer and will send us a report and will not know anything else.  They will be under a NDA not to disclose their identity as Food Inspectors. Any disclosure means immediate disqualification.
  • The business will receive a plaque of being a Wordsmith Star establishment
  • The Business will be featured in our English journal Freespace and Bengali journal লাবণ্য

Who can apply :

In general, any food to customer business and includes Fine Dining Restaurants, Cafe, Patisserie, Restaurant, Footpath / Street food, Caterers, Freelance food sellers.

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