Portrait of Dr. Philo

Dr. Philo’s Portrait by Arindam

Dr. Philo on “Dr. Philo”

“Everybody wants to have a “good and happy life” and this singular objective has infinite variations. It was Ancient Greeks who systematized this “search for happiness.”. After generations of search, debate and exploration, a conclusion was reached – happiness is inseparable with wisdom. “Philo” in Greek means “happiness” and wisdom is “Sophia”. Together – this is Philosophia. In many Indian Traditions, man and woman are considered complementary part of a complete whole. Every “Philo” is searching for his eternal consort “Sophia” and together they demonstrate – “How to be happy ?” So the better question is : How to be wise ?” I, Dr. Philo is a part and a humble servant of that very ancient tradition. I am no specialist or rather against specialism of any kind. If I have a specialism, this is omniscience – not by me but because of the Tradition I represent, serve and continue. ”

Artist : Mr. Arindam

Creative Management : Mani Fakir (মণি ফকির)

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