Dr. Philo’s Casebook : Ego & Emotion versus Interest


A very very talented young man of Bengali origin, aged around 25, bachelor, solvent, single son, based in Calcutta, was much affected by family mishaps and misadventures. All these had roots at his personal life and family history. He felt into a miserable state – medical diagnosis had taken the short-cut of prescribing chemical stabilizers and up-lifters which could do more harm than good while central nervous system is chemically altered due to long term exposure. He had isolated himself, became socially inactive and behavioural pattern changed. Relatives and friends talked of very malefic planetary arrangements in the horoscope to long forgotten love failures. Some more courageous ones even suggested occult / black magic attacks. Nothing could be told for sure.


  1. A deep and dark emotional cloud has shadowed the light of intelligence.
  2. With intelligence dimmer, ego and emotion have taken charge and because of less exposure to brutalities of life, having lived a life of relative comfort and security with not much of economic worries, he has been thinking : “I slept, I dreamt and thought that Life is Beauty.
  3. Being a bachelor and with no dependents, he had the luxury of self-pity, emotional tantrums and massaging the emotional hard-on. This provides a strange kind of pleasure not unknown to man.
  4. His isolation and social inactivity was a lower state in all aspects and was not connected with any Higher Purpose.


  1. In my first interview, I had asked him to consider being a married man with wife and children and then imagine whether he would have the luxury of being in this state for so long ? Who will earn the money to feed the infant ? Could he be such a coward and weak man to be in this state ?
  2. He was putting ego and emotion before his self-interest. He could afford this because he was having no Higher Purpose, even the most basic Higher Purpose – to sacrifice one’s pleasure and freedom for one’s children.
  3. Every family is or will be more or less dysfunctional. Every man / woman has bad memories.


A very reliable way to find a leader material is to have a test as how one puts one’s emotion/interest via-a-vis his interest and whether this interest is having any relationship with any Higher Purpose.

A first class man or woman will always put his/her interest before his/her emotion. In a negotiation, this is the key.

Men / women of inferior quality will always put ego/emotion in front of their interest. They find a grand ego satisfaction while their interest – short and long, lower and higher, are thwarted.

A signature of a superior man/woman is his/her ability to always keep his/her interest before his/her ego / emotion.

A superior person’s ego/ emotion outburst is very very costly and sometimes catastrophic. When Chanakya (Kautilya) was insulted by the Nanda king, his emotional outburst made the whole Nanda dynasty to disappear and the Gupta Empire to emerge in History.

An inferior man’s ego/emotion outburst is cheap simply because his/her outburst matters little. Not being connected with any Higher Purpose.

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